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    Tangerine projects map

    Click on 'Projects' above to see the updated details on where Tangerine has been used and by whom.  To date, 22 countries and 10 organizations have used Tangerine in the field, ranging from reading and mathematics assessments to teacher and household surveys in a wide variety of languages and scripts.

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    Tangerine at use in Ghana

    Tangerine is being used in Ghana to assess students in Primary 2 in both reading and mathematics. The instruments in Tangerine were developed into 11 local languages, plus English, and will be used over several years to examine the effectiveness of national language policy in early education.

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    Traditional EGRA implementation

    The traditional approach to early grade reading assessments engage the enumerator and child in an oral interview. The enumerator is managing a variety of tools including the student stimuli sheet, the student response sheets, pencil and a timer.

As of January 2013, Tangerine:Class has been successfully deployed! Tangerine:Class assists teachers in systematically collecting, analyzing and using results from students' continous reading and early mathematics assessments to inform their teaching. 
Tangerine - EGRA
Tangerine now features a range of subtest modules including those most commonly found in Early Grade Reading Assessment instruments, such as Letter Name Knowledge, Familiar word identification, Invented word decoding, Oral passage reading, and comprehension.
Tangerine - EGMA
Tangerine now also features modules for the Early Grade Mathematics Assessment. Subtests already rendered include Number Identification, Number Discrimination, Missing Number Identification, Addition, Subtraction, and Word Problem Solving.